Restoration Services

Our company began by restoring old American made axes back to working order, even when they have been through hell and back.

Keeping History Intact

There are axes in some people's family that have been in the family since before Louisiana was a part of the United States, and maybe even before then.

It can be a daunting task to restore an axe on your own. That's why we offer a restoration service to do it for you. We will remove the old handle. Then we clean the axe head. Afterwards, we adjust the profile of the edge if needed.

Many old axes were abused and need extensive repairs. Sharpening the axe is the last step before the head and handle meet. The American Hickory handle is made in house, and each handle is handcrafted and then fit specifically to each axe head by hand.

We will restore your axe so your family can continue to enjoy its use. Mounted axes for display purposes are also available.


American Made New & Vintage Axes

Double Lifetime Guaranteed made by Certified Axe Professionals

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