Fire Axe


  • 6lb. Forged Tool Steel Head
  • 5” Cutting Edge
  • Rc 48-55
  • Made in USA
  • 36” Long Hand Crafted Hickory Handle

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The fire axe is one of the most iconic patterns of axe ever made. The shape is instantly recognizable by everyone. Action and horror movies even have their fair share of axes. Remember, “Here’s Johnny!” This axe makes use of important capabilities that many users need. Doors are no match. The roof is also an easy task, and the best use for most people is splitting firewood.

How Well Does It Work?
It looks great and it works even better. This fire axe really is a work horse. Its big and heavy so it will take a beating. It also looks very cool hanging on a wall in the office or the lounge or maybe the shop. This axe is immediately recognizable and people love to see it.

Most of these axes are bought as keepsakes and wall hangers. They are working axes just as all of our axes are. It is heavy. The six-pound head is to be used more as a sledge would. It is like a battering ram. The spike on the pole end is a great prying tool for wood and sheetrock. It is not intended to pry concrete or steel.

The handmade leather sheath comes in a few colors and is cut out by hand and sewn together in South East Texas. It is not mass-produced and is made specifically for this axe head.

Customization: You can have many different options to customize this axe. We can paint the head, paint the handle or burn the handle. These fire axes are heavy. It would be a great tool for home demolition too. Instead of a sledge hammer buy a fire axe and look cool ripping out a house. The pry tool on the back end is great for 2×4 studs and the heavy axe head with a flat top will bust through drywall better than a sledge hammer.


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