Hudson Bay Axe


  • Tempered Bit Hardness 48-55 Rc
  • Forged Tool Steel
  • Hand Crafted Hickory Handle
  • Made in the USA

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Hudson Bay Axe- A proven axe used by outdoorsmen as tough as Jeremiah Johnson dating back to 400 years ago.

Fitted with a smaller head and handle than a felling ax, the Hudson Bay Axe is known as a 3/4 axe. Developed in the 17th century by fur traders working the Hudson Bay trade routes. Its 2-pound head and 22- to 28-inch handle make it perfect for trimming limbs and small chopping jobs. You will not take down a Redwood with it, but a Hudson Bay Axe will quickly turn a pile of medium-size logs into kindling.

This axe is the perfect pack axe for anyone. Everyone can take use of this perfectly sized medium duty axe. Medium is no joke. Ever had a medium sized Espresso? This Hudson Bay Axe is great for camping, hiking, skiing, snowmobiling, hunting, bug-out bags, prepping, and anything you can throw at it. Choke up under the axe head to do small kindling and scraping.

The lightweight head of the Hudson Bay Axe is very easy to pack. The handle is cut so that you have multiple hand positions for any number of cutting or chopping tasks including medium sized trees. It really is the perfect axe!

The unique handmade leather sheath is made to fit this axe head. It is not mass-produced and each one is cut by hand and sewn together in the hills of Deep East Texas.

Each Hudson Bay Axe is hung by hand. Our axe pros have spent years learning traditional methods for hanging an axe. Is there a faster way to do it? Probably. Is there a better way to do it? No. We don’t have expensive machines that do the work for us. We carve each axe handle to fit the head chosen to fit it, by hand. Nothing but a draw knife, a wood rasp and some sand paper. The wood wedge is hand driven and comes in varying types such as black walnut, hickory, and poplar.

We do NOT use mass produced handles. We make all of our handles in house. We do not use a duplicator either. Each one is hand crafted. The octagonal shape is a very traditional type of handle. The flat sides and sudden but smooth changes give you more control and a better index of where the head is. Many of the Axe Racers at the Southern Conclave Collegiate Competition event said the handle shape was superior to what is typically available. The handle is very unique not only in the shape but in appearance too. They all have different grain, different colors, different shapes in the wood and all these small differences. The reason so is because each one is hand crafted. No two are alike.


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