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So what is it they want? With such a unique item and the personal preferences of different users it can be difficult to pick the right axe for the ones you love. Instead of trying to secretly ask them which they would prefer, give them an American Made Axe Company Gift Card.

With their unique code they will be able to choose the axe that fits them best. The Gift Card is the best way to make sure the outdoor enthusiast in your life can pick the perfect axe for their use.

Choose which amount you want loaded on to the gift card. Then check out. All they need to do is go to the site, pick their axe and type in the code on the check out screen.

Each of our axes is made from the finest materials available. they come with a lifetime guarantee and are all Made in the USA. We are proud of the products we make and know they will be just as proud to own one.

We have several to choose from and depending on how much love you want to show them we can cover any need you have. All of our gift cards are unique to the individual. We will mail you a special card to give them on the big day. then they just follow the info on the card when they are ready to make their decision.

No matter when they decide to use it the code will always work. There is no tomfoolery. We don’t deduct interest off the amount. EVER!

If it is the next day or the next year, we will put together their axe when the time is right. The end of the year is always a chaotic time for everyone, even for us. Get one more thing checked off your list.

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Gift Card 165.00

Gift Card 165.00, Gift Card 220.00, Gift Card 260.00, Gift Card 320.00