Camp Hatchet


  • Tempered Bit Hardness 48-55 Rc
  • Forged Tool Steel
  • Hand Crafted Hickory Handle
  • Made in the USA

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Some History of the Camp Hatchet

This Half-Hatchet, or what we now call a Camp Hatchet, was originally used by house framers and other carpenters. The cutting edge does a large amount of work, but the most useful part of this tool is the tempered hammer end. It is not a shingle hatchet. This one is properly tempered and is often used for large nails in framing industries.


The handle is right at 17 inches long. The hatchet head weighs in at 24 ounces. The steel used is high quality 5160 and American Made with Rc hardness between 45 and 55. 48 is very is typical of this hatchet head and each one is of the highest quality.

What it’s Good For

Unlike a typical axe or hatchet, the tempered hammer end can strike steel. Things like nails, or tent stakes. Imagine all you could do in the woods with just a bag of nails and this Camp Hatchet. One of the best tools we have ever used, this Camp Hatchet is so versatile. The balance is unbelievable and it is clear the moment you pick it up that it is a strong tool.

Hickory Handle

This Camp Hatchet has a hand crafted hickory handle. Each axe is hung by hand. We use a variety of handle wedge materials including poplar, black walnut, and hickory wedges.

The Leather

The handmade leather sheath is specifically fit to this hatchet. It is not a mass produced sheath. Each one is cut by hand and sewn together just for us. Sheath color is a darker brown.

Wood Color

There are dark handles and light handles. There are also handles that have both light and dark wood. Handles with heart wood are just as strong as handles without.

Up Keep

Apply Boiled linseed oil to wood and head for continued water proofing. The handle needs oil to  stay healthy. Dry wood is brittle. Oil the handle once a day for a week, then once a week for a month, and then once a month for the rest of your life. Depending on how often you use it you may need to apply it more often. Keep it sharp and keep it fed with oil. Failure to maintain the axe will void the warranty.

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