Axe Safety

Using an axe can be fun, but it should always be done safely.

Top Safety Tips

Wear Gloves

Anytime you use or sharpen an axe, gloves keep you from getting accidentally cut.

Wear Goggles

Safety goggles protect your eyes against wood chips that may suddenly fly off.

Sheath the Edge

Many people use a number of types of materials to make sheaths and we encourage you to do the same.

Personal Protection Equipment or PPE for short is extensive when it comes to using an axe. Never underestimate the power of an axe. Theses things are sharp and while you learn how to use your new axe or hatchet it can be unpredictable. Wood chips fly off everywhere. They can hit you in the face. The axe could bounce off the tree and hit you in the legs. You could fall with the axe at your chest. There are many things you have to do in order to be safe while using an axe. Don't underestimate your new axe! Read up on all procedures currently used by the timber industry. Even axe racers PPE and they are the best in the world. We assume no liability for any injuries suffered while using an axe. You are responsible for you. We make axes and axes are unique in that they are dangerous to use. Learn how to properly use your axe.

Look for any damage to your axe before you use it. If anything looks wrong correct it before using it. Handles break all the time. The head can come off with improper storage or care. Follow all the rules and you could still get hurt. Be safe out there. Keep first aid nearby at all times while using an axe. Have a phone handy incase of emergency and travel with a buddy in the woods for big chopping jobs. Ask anyone in the timber industry about good safety practices while using an axe or saw. Don't risk it. If you get cut, get it cleaned. We get stitches every once in awhile. Its an axe and accidents happen.

Treat Handles Properly

Axe handles can break on any axe! Make sure you're using the correct handling & preservation methods.

Freeing a Stuck Axe

Even the best handle will break if used improperly or left without proper care. Don't move a stuck axe left to right to loosen. Move it forwards and backwards.

If you twist a stuck handle it will break. DON'T TWIST IT! If you hit your handle on something you were aiming your axe head for it will break the handle. Even one time can be fatal to your handle. It kind of gets the ball rolling. This is called OVER-STRIKE. It happens all the time. All the time. If you hit the handle hard enough it will begin to break. If you see cracks in your handle you should replace it.

Sharpen with Care

So you want to sharpen an axe? There are so many important things you have to consider when sharpening an axe!

Sharpening Options

Belt Grinders
Using high-speed tools will cause an excess amount of heat to build up in the cutting edge of the axe head. This will re-temper the steel and cause it to become brittle. That's why we recommend you don't use high-speed tools to sharpen your axe.

Files are a great alternative to high-speed tools. Each of our axes are sharpened with hand files. There are as many types of files as there are types of sandpaper. Each axe takes a file differently, so it is common for you to need 4 or 5 files to properly maintain an edge.

Lansky Pucks
A Lansky puck is a great way to keep an axe sharp and in shape. After any use wipe the axe head dry and use the lansky puck to refine the hone on the edge.


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