About Us

In a sea of imported junk there may be a handful of axe makers that still produce a high quality axe. That's where we come in.

It All Started with the Fall of a Giant

You or someone you know has an old tool. Where did you get it? Was it a parent? How about a grandparent?

Our Legacy

Our legacy is the culmination of experience we can pass on. For us the legacy was working with our hands. Tools are a large staple in the American existence. Without manufacturers like Kelly, Plumb, Vaughan, Council, and Craftsman, none of what you have would ever have made it out of someone’s thoughts. Tools help us build, tools help us solve, and tools help us survive.

Our tools are axes and hatchets. The first axe we restored was an heirloom. The man that used it and the one before him who made the handle for it had no other choice but to use hand tools. Everything they left behind helped build a family’s future.

The Axe is the Oldest Tool on the Planet

It is still here. Although the good ones can be hard to find. That's where we come in.

In a sea of imported junk there may be a handful of axe makers that still produce a high quality axe. Some of them are expensive, and so should they be. The time and effort it takes to forge a proper axe are enormous.

The main reason we restore old and discarded axes is because even by today’s standards they are among the highest of quality.

We restore old axes back to working order. Plenty of our customers just want a nice tool to hang on the wall to look at. A lot of them bring us old family heirlooms that need some work. We preserve that heritage.

The first axe manufacturers made the tools that Americans used to build our country. The axe has enjoyed function in the household in this country since the beginning. Today it has fallen to outdoor enthusiasts, collectors, and museums. The chainsaw is now the dominant tool in the forestry industry. More people have chainsaws than people that have an axe.

An axe is fun. An axe is work. Our axes and hatchets are fun to work with. Having a proper tool in the woods makes being there much more enjoyable. Go outside and enjoy it!

We Are Proud to Offer a New Line

In addition to the restored axes we sell, we will be offering a line of new axes and hatchets.

High-Quality New Axes

These tools are made by those manufacturers that meet our high standards.

  • Each tool must be produced in the United States of America.
  • Each tool must have the proper hardness required of tempered edge tools.
  • Each tool manufacturer must be American Owned.
  • Each tool Manufacturer must stand behind their product with a guarantee.

Quality Materials, Double-Lifetime Guarantee

The hickory we use comes from all over the country. Most Hickory you find is from Appalachia. We choose handle wood the same way we do our tool heads. All our handles are made in house.

Now here is the important part. Each one of our axes comes with a double lifetime guarantee. You know why? Because it should.


American Made New & Vintage Axes

Double Lifetime Guaranteed made by Certified Axe Professionals

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