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American made, double lifetime certified. Our axes are built to last.

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New Axes & Hatchets

All our handles are made from true American Hickory, by hand, for a
superior grip, better fit, and increased strength.


New & Vintage Axe-Heads Like No Other

"Hold History in Your Hands and Then Cut Something Down With It."

Our mission is to restore old, discarded American Made Axes back to working order.

Lifetime Transferable Warranty

When things were made to last, they used to come with a double lifetime warranty - because that's how long they were guaranteed. Our axes are no different - our double lifetime warranty is unmatched, giving you durable & reliable new & historic American Made Axes that will last more than just one lifetime.

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Satisfied Customers

"I needed a double bit axe to carry into the woods with me. I found a listing for a very unique looking axe. It was like nothing else I had ever seen. The grain stood out the most. No one else has grain on their handles like these do. Great axe. I love mine."

~ Terry
Livermore, CA

"I whacked the mess out of my new handle I bought from you. Before I even looked at it I knew I had messed it up big time. I couldn't believe it when I looked at it. All I could see was a slight dent in the wood. Not one crack. I don't know where you got this wood but man is it hard."

~ Ben M.
McKinney, TX

The coolest thing to watch is how an Axe Handle is made. Their carpenters attend Gunshows and the like and demonstrate how to hang an axe the old fashioned way with a draw knife. It was a real treat to see. Thanks for making these awesome tools right  here in the USA. More companies should do the same.

Aaron Skinor

Charleston. WV



"Before I bought my axe from American Made Axe Company I bought china axes. About one every three months or so. I hate china axes. The handles are bent, the axe head chips all the time and it is too plain to look at. These are well made axes. I wanted it honed sharp though. They said they couldn't do it. Liability. I did it in about thirty minutes. Nice edge. Thanks."

~ Eric H.
Williamsport, PA

American Made New & Vintage Axes

Double Lifetime Guaranteed made by Certified Axe Professionals

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